creepywitchpoet (creepywitchpoet) wrote,

Full Circle Magic

Kent tied his son Collin's tie.   "Your mother would be so proud of you, son! I know I am. The headmaster of the Year! What an honor, huh? Are you nervous about the speech you have to give?"  Collin nodded his head.  

  "Don't be nervous.  If you get nervous, just look to the audience  for me and your siblings and we'll give you an encouraging nod- speaking of siblings, where's your brother, Tiger?"  

"Last time I checked, he was outside flirting with girls,"  Kent's son youngest son, Benson interjected.   

“Oh God, not again.   

"Oh, he's harmless, Dad."  

“It's not the girls I worry about.  It's his bruised ego I'm worried about.”  Benson smirked. He smirked so much like uncle Grim.

  “I'll go check on him.  I'll be right back.”  Kent stood outside and folded his arms as he watched his son interact with his friends.  

         "Aw... Come on.  You don't want to go rollerskating with me?"  

“I'd rather battle with a dead Shawn Paul.”

"Ouch! That one stings, you know." 

"You can't get your way just because you're handsome, you know?"  

Tiger smiled.   "You think  I',m handsome.  The girl rolled her eyes.  Kent was honestly amused. He had to stifle a laugh.   "Now, I know you didn't get that ego from your father.  Goodbye, Tiger!"  The girl waved bye.  

   “Flower! Come back here!  I was only kidding.”

"Striking out again, son?"  Kent teased.   


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