creepywitchpoet (creepywitchpoet) wrote,

Jewel Power

“Come again?”  Jasper asked.

"A werewolf?  I'm not sure we can do that! Have you lost your damn mind, Grim?"  

“I think we can do it.  We just need to do it with teamwork,” Gemma tried reassuring us. Grim smiled.

"On your mark. Get ready. Set. Go!"  And soon we were off in search of this werewolf.    

As soon as I heard growling, I held out my hand to stop my team from going any further.    The werewolf growled again.  

"You dared to enter my territory and now you must pay!"  The werewolf said, but it wasn't moving its lips. It's like I could hear his mind. That didn't make any sense.  I don't have any powers."  

"Mm... The smell of fear.  What a delightful smell."  

"Ruby! He's reading your mind.  You have to close your thoughts off, so he can't prey on them.  Think of something else. Anything else, but now how scared you are and especially not your lack of powers."  

"Here catch!"  Jasper threw a bow and arrow to me.   I caught her..   "Use it on the werewolf! Do it now!" Jasper urged, but before I could, the werewolf pounced on me.  

“Ruby!”  My team yelled.

"You have to fight! You can't give up yet!"  Gemma screamed.    Not thinking, I shot the arrow and out flew a silver arrow right into the werewolf.  I pushed him off me and jump and ran over to my team.  

With my heart in throat, I hugged my sister.  Grim and Kent ran over to us.   "Congratulations!  You have completed phase one.  Now, it's time to eat dinner and relax.  Follow us!"  Grim motioned for us to follow them.  

I sighed at the magnificent beauty of the dining room.   "Wow.  This place is beautiful.  It's absolutely breathtaking."  

"Thank you. I'm glad you like it," An unfamiliar voice said from behind me.  I turned around to greet former Headmistress and Advisor, Belinda Mays, and Clover Moon.    "Let's go eat, shall we?"   

My team and I found a nice table to sit at.   Jasper and I sat next to each other.

Kent clinked glasses, trying to get everyone's attention.    "Welcome to Enchanted.  Once all three phases have been completed, this will be your new home.  This building has had many many headmasters and headmistresses over the years. Once the meal is over, I will show Jasper to his dorm and Belinda and Clover will show Amethyst,Gemma and Ruby to the staff dorm rooms.  

My teammates and I exchange looks.

"Not to worry, you'll still be a team. Now with that being said, we can finally go ahead and eat."  The dining room was loud with chatter and plates and glasses clinking.   


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