creepywitchpoet (creepywitchpoet) wrote,

Stolen Heart: The Finale

I quickly click the email and read it. I let out a sigh of relief when the copyright lawyer says he's able to take me on as a client.  I email him back and we make plans to meet within the coming week.  I quickly shoot Helen an email and go do my chores.  

I check my email to see if Helene had emailed, but nope no email. It was strange for Helen to be radio silent.  Ah well, she must be taking a break from the internet I convince myself. as she does that a lot.  Unlike me, Helen isn't addicted to the internet.   

Two days later, I decided to drive over to see my best friend. I want to tell her the fantastic news in person.   

But soon as I walk up to her steps, I suddenly get an eerie feeling.   I turn the spare she gave me and yell into her house.   "Helen! It's me, Dana! Are you in here?  I search the rooms one by one, calling her name.  

"Helen?!" I call again.  By this point, I'm starting to get worried. Suddenly, I hear movement.  I know that's my cue to get out of there, but before I can, I hear a voice.     

“Come to check on your friend?”

“What did you do to her?”

“Relax. She's fine.”

“Who are you?”

He steps closer to me.  I scream, but this time he grabs me and covers my mouth.   "We're going to play a little game. Doesn't that sound like fun."  

I try to speak, but I can't with his hand on my mouth.   "What's that, you say? Let you go. Oh, I will. Just as soon I'm done having my fun with you!  So you're the witch who accused me of stealing your pathetic story!"  



A car horn honked, leaving the man frustrated. He let out a string of curses.   "I'm afraid we will have to continue this fun later."  Just before he could get anywhere, the door swung up and a handsome man rushed at him.  

"Ma'am, are you okay?" The handsome asked.    I'm Denver. "  

“Denver Oliver? The Copyright lawyer?”

“That would be me.  Wait. Are you Dana?”

"I am. There's not much time how I know Helen, we have to go find her now."     We search inside the house, but we're unable to find her.  

After what seems like hours, outside, we hear coughing.  We run to the brushes and find Helen covered in dirt and blood.    "Helen!  Oh God!  What happened to you?"  

"That... That.. man.. He said he was going to make you by losing your best friend.,"  

“It's okay. It's okay.  It's over.” Denver comforted her.

Months later, we take the guy to court and we win.  He was a fraud and criminal. Of course Helen still nightmares, but Denver and I do are best to be there for her.  


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