creepywitchpoet (creepywitchpoet) wrote,

The Powerful Five: Episode#4

Jeanie runs after Grim


Jeans, please. I'm okay. I just want to be alone right now.  


You're not okay and I'm not going to leave you alone.  

Daphne screams for help


We'll discuss this later.

Jeanie and Grim run toward Daphne's voice.  

Billy grabs Daphne's shirt by her collar


Billy, put me down, please. You don't want to do this.  


Like hell, I don't.   

Billy drops Daphne into the water

Daphne screams.

Melody watching everything runs and jumps into the water, while Jeanie and Grim fight Billy  


Melody! She can't swim!


I've got it!

Ian shapeshifts into a giant fish to rescue Melody and Daphne   

Ian brings them out of the water

Melody looks over and shoots poison at Billy and passes out

Kent runs over to her


Poison Girl! Wake up!

Melody opens her eyes and coughs to look at Kent one more time before passing out again.

To be continued...  


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