creepywitchpoet (creepywitchpoet) wrote,

The Powerful Five: Episode#8 (Season Finale)

Bulky Man

I'm Houston. I'll be bringing you your meals and now it's time to separate you.  


Separate us?


You didn't honestly think Shawn Pawl would let you stay together, did you?  

Just as Houston is trying to separate them, a wind slams against the house, shaking it.   

Jeanie grabs Melody and Kent's hands

Ian opens the door to the wind  


My friends! I've got to save them  

Not caring about his safety or the weather, Ian runs out of the house and into the woods.  After what seems like a long time, he finally finds a house.  

A gush of wind blows through. The door to the house flies open and Ian dives into the house.

As he hears footsteps. He dives down and goes invisible

He makes his way to the dungeon  


Is everyone okay?  


Oh, look. Houston does have a heart, after all, guys.  


Oh no, I don't.  I just don't want to be responsible if something happens to you pathetic people.  

Houston exits the dungeon

Ian appears to his friends




I think
I have an idea on how to get us all out of here. Kent, do you have any issue granting an invisible wish?  


No. As long as it gets us out of here.


I wish my friends and I were all invisible

Kent waves his wand

Outside and invisible, they talk over each other,trying to get back home.  

Finally, they're home.  

Kent waves the wand and they're visible again.

Shawn Paul and Houston head downstairs to check on their prisoners.

Shawn Paul

I'm so proud of you! You're finally doing what I want you to- I spoke too soon, I see. You fool! They've gotten away!  


I-I don't know how they did it, Sire.  

Shawn Paul

You! Idiot! Did it ever occur to you that they have powers and for you to strip them of those powers before locking them in? I'll take your silence as no.  Now, you're going to join Cruiser in that dungeon. It's that or this staff?  

Shawn Paul lifts his staff, but Houston kneels and covers his head.  

Shawn Paul laughs

Shawn Paul

Get up, you- you fool!    

(Shawn Paul pulls him up)


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