creepywitchpoet (creepywitchpoet) wrote,

Underbed Witch: Chapter 2

"Rise and shine, my sweet Cora," Enchantress spoke softly into her ear.  Cora's eyes flew open.  Realizing, that she was not at home safe and snug, she started to struggle.    

"What did I tell you about that struggling, Cora?" Enchantress growled into her ear.  Cora then stepped struggling,   

"Better. Much better. Now, I'm going to tie your hands together and feed you, as I see I can't trust you to do it yourself."  

Tears streamed down Cora's face. Enchantress reached up and wiped them from her eyes.  

 "Now, now darling. As long as you're a good girl, you won't be here for very long. Now eat up." Enchantress brought the spoon to Cora's mouth, but she refused to eat.  

“Come on.. don't be a bad girl. “

Cora sniffled and looked away.  Enchantress brought Cora's face to hers.  “You will do as you're told as long as here! Do you understand?'

Cora nodded.

“Not good enough! Use your words!”

"Yes, yes, Enchantress, I understand."  

“Good. Now eat up.”

Enchantress once again tried to feed Cora, and this time she accepted it.   "Good girl. If you play any more games with me, you will regret it. Do I make myself clear?" 

"Yes, yes. Sorceress."  



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