creepywitchpoet (creepywitchpoet) wrote,

Who Are You? Finale

Little did they know that Krista had followed them. She pulled the rope of her pocket. She knew she just what she was going to do with this thing and she is dammed if Tyler tried to stop her, but not to worry she had plans for him, too.  

As Autumn and Tyler held hands talking, that was when Krista decided she was going to make her move.  She twirled the rope, hoping it would land around Autumn's throat and sure enough, it did.  Krista pulled Autumn toward her, choking her.  

“Autumn!” Tyler yelled running toward her.  

Krista let go of the rope, giving Autumn relief to deal with Tyler.   "You fools are going to make me pay for losing my job! Any last words, Autumn!"  

"Please. Please don't do this, Krista.  We'll help you look for another rob. Right, Tyler?"  

“Shut up! I've had just about enough of you!”  

Autumn sobbed, scared for her life.   

When Krista wasn't looking, Autumn tried to crawl away, but Krista gripped the rope, tightening more around her neck.  

“Let Autumn go and you can have me!” Tyler shouted angrily.  

Krista untangled the rope from Autumn's neck.  Autumn fell to the ground, coughing. She watched as Krista went for Tyler and just as she was about to wrap the rope around Tyler's neck, Autumn had somehow found her strength and pushed Krista to the ground and pinned her there.  

Just a few hours later, Autumn and Tyler were at the hospital where they had been informed that Krista had been taken into custody.  

"You two were very lucky. If she had tightened that rope around your neck any longer, you won't be here, Autumn, you Tyler. If Autumn, hadn't attacked from behind, you wouldn't be here either.  You're both heroes in my eyes," Doctor Schmidt smiled.  

Once they were left alone, Tyler took Autumn's hand.   "I told you.  You are as fearless as Melody Marks.," and they kissed.  

The end  


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