creepywitchpoet (creepywitchpoet) wrote,

Precious Life

Mom never liked the fourth of July much, but then again she was never much of a holiday person either. If anyone asked her, she would say because I ruined it all for her. Hence, why I don't like holidays much myself.   

 Let me introduce myself before I tell you about my family. My name is Willow and I have a sister, Jade.  

  You see, a few years ago there was an incident with my sister where she tried to take her own life. My mother still blames for it.  Jade says I saved her, but in reality, it was this guy Ace who had saved her.   

   “Willow! It's your turn to cook dinner tonight! Don't burn another dish or I won't hesitate to kick you out of the house.”

  "Yes, ma'am," I sighed.  

It's wishful thinking that my mother would grow a heart, right?    

  “Willow! The kitchen! Now!”

"Give me a minute, Mom."  

"No, now! Chop chop, The dinner isn't going to cook itself, is it?"  

Jade walked into the kitchen and smiled at me.  “What's on the menu tonight?”   

“I was thinking corn beef,” I teased.

Jade made a face.

“I'm kidding.  I'm going to try pasta tonight.”  

We all ate in silence until Mom broke the silence.   "Well, Willow, I don't know you did it, but you've managed to impress me."  

 “Thank you, Ma'am.”

“Don't get used to the compliments. You'll just go right back to disappointing me.”


"It's okay, Jade. You don't need to defend me.  The doorbell rang and Jade went to answer it. A few moments later, she came back with a scared look on her face.   "Mom, the police are here for you."  

To be continued...  


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