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My friend sent over some questions for me to answer about my work and characters.  

Q: Hi, Meli. How are?

A: Nervous. (Laughs)

Q: When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

A: Maybe when I was ten?

Q: What's your writing schedule like?  

A: I try to write something monthly for the most part.

Q: How long does it take you to write something?

A poem minutes, but a story or a play? Usually a day or two!  

Q: How did you come up with the idea of a talking cane for your story of Heart of a Cane?

A: Honestly, it's a story I had in my head for years, but just never really had the courage to tell the story until now.   

Q: What do you hope people will take away from this beautiful story?  

A:  Oh wow! Thank you. I hope it'll inspire kindness...  

Q: Did you have a favorite character to write about?

A: Eleanor. I believe we all need a friend like her.

Q: Is there ever going to be a sequel?

A: No, probably not, but who knows? Maybe I'll write the play one day.   

Q: Who would you cast if you could?

A:  Oh gosh. That's a tough question, but I'd love to cast Daniel Radcliffe or Emma Watson.    

Q: You did an amazing job with the aftermath of Collin's death. Did you plan on always killing off this beloved character?

A:  Thank you once again. The simple answer is yes. I actually had planned to kill him off in the series finale of The Wisher.  

Q: Jeanie has a serious storyline this arch. What made you decide to include that?  

A: I want to showcase the seriousness of what Jeanie is going through and not only that but how strong she actually she is.  

Q: Will we be getting to see more of Jeanie and Grim's relationship? There seems be some kind of chemistry there.

A: Oh definitely!

Q: Seeing Grim lose it was so sad, but also showed his humanity. Is there more to Grim then we maybe realized and did you plan on writing that scene beforehand?  

A:  There really is and no, I never planned that part out. It just happened.  

Q: Now on to your play Not So Judgmental. What made you want to write it?

A: I wanted to write something that people could relate to. I also hope much like Heart of a Cane, it'll inspire kindness.   

Q: Are we ever going to meet Cody and Gil's parents?

A: Eventually, yes.  

Q: There seems to be a love triangle with Cody/Darcy/Liza. Who do you feel is better suited for Cody?

A: Personally, I love the idea of Liza with him, but I also believe that Cody and Darcy are the ideal couple as Cody brings out the best in Darcy. You never know what'll happen in the future.  

Q: Who was your favorite character to write for?

A: Liza. I loved writing the scene where she stood up to Mrs. Davis for  Jania.

Q: Do you have any favorite authors?

A: Yes, I have so many, but I want to give a shout to this wonderful writer in the horror community, Augie. Her stories instantly draw you in and leave you wanting more. She also wrote this incredible story called Her name is Luna!  

Q: You have an imagination that some people are probably jealous of. How do you manage to keep your readers hooked?  

A: Thank you, but I doubt that. I truly believe that investing in your characters is smart.  Besides the plot, they are just as important. They are the people your readers either come to hate or love.   

Q: What can we look forward to in the future?  

A new rewrite of Lucinda in May and a new play in June.

Q: Do you think you'll ever publish again?

A:  Maybe in the future, but I enjoy just having my blog for now.  

Q: You're not just a fantasy writer, but a horror poet as well that specializes in one particular subject... witches. What made you want to write about evil witches?  

A: I remember being terrified of witches a kid. So I thought that was the perfect way for me to speak about something I feared by writing poetry about it.

Q: Does your family support your writing?

A: They sure do! I'm very lucky in that respect.  

Q:  When you're not writing, what do you like to do?  

A:  Watch soap operas.   (Laughs)

Q: If you could guest star on any soap, what would it be?  

A: General hospital.  

Q: If you weren't a writer, what kind of career would you love to have?  

A:  A Broadway stage actress!

Q: What is your dream role?

A: Ursula!  

Thank you!!  

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