creepywitchpoet (creepywitchpoet) wrote,

Cherry's Revenge: Chapter 4

Master reentered the room. "Ah, we're finally starting to be a good girl, I see."  

"No, I'm just tired of you hitting me."  

Master grinned.   “I've brought you some supplies.”

“Paintbrushes and paint? You want me to paint?”

"Paint me a pretty picture, Pretty Reese."  

"Hey, Lanie! Can, you come over here for a second. I think I may be on to something." Cherry called out to her partner and friend.   

"Oh my God. That's where Dayton went to school, right? We're getting closer to catching him, Cherry." 

“It won't do much good if we can't track Reese down.”

"Yeah, I agree. Dayton is way too smart to leave behind a trail for us again."  

"Hey guys, we just received a call from a scared girl or woman," Chase informed his colleagues and co-workers.  

“Was it Reese?”

“We have no way of knowing,” Chase answered disappointed  

"Anyway, you can playback the call?"  

"Help me...  Help me... He's crazy. He's trying to hurt me...  

"What's your name, Ma'am?  


“Reese? Is that what you said?”


Cherry and Lanie exchanged looks.  


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