creepywitchpoet (creepywitchpoet) wrote,

Blissful Ignorance: Episode#5 Season Finale

September wearing a mask throws a bag over July's head and grabs her

July struggles


Hey! Let me go, you freak!  Someone, help me!  

September presses the weapon into her to shut her up


My parents are going to come looking for me, you know? I have to be somewhere. They're going to be suspicious if I don't show up.   

September pushes her into a shed and locks it


No! No. Let me out of here.     


Terri. We need to talk. It's about July.


What's happening?


I went to go pick up July, and I couldn't find her.    


Oh no! You don't think something happened to her, do you?  


I don't want to think that, but the clues are pointing to her being kidnapped.  

September masked puts food down in front of July


Let me out of here, please. I promise I won't tell anyone.  Please? You can go to jail for this, you know? It's called False imprisonment.  Let me out of here.  

September puts her fingers to her lips  

To be continued...   


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