creepywitchpoet (creepywitchpoet) wrote,

Full Circle Magic

Flower sat on Collin's desk  and crossed her legs.  She was wearing a blue blouse with a silk pencil skirt. Tiger had to admit she looked beautiful.   

"Um... Does Collin let you do that?" Tiger looked down at the stack of paperwork.  

"Awe, come on. Lighten and loosen up a bit, will ya?"  

"I'm not sure I can with all of this paperwork, Advisor," Tiger winked.  Flower looked up at the portrait of Melody hanging on the wall.   "What was your mother like?"   

“Why the sudden interest?”

“Because I want to be just like her.”

“You want to be careless just like her?”

"Surely you don't mean that, Tiger!"  

"If she had been cautious, she'd still be here."  

"I'm surprised at you, Tiger. I'd never take you for an angry person. It makes sense that Collin would be angry, but you."  

"I'm working on it, okay?  I at least have some memories of her, but poor Benson doesn't remember her at all."  

“Do you think your dad will find love again?”

"I don't think he'll ever love anyone the way he loved my mom-  a knock on the door interrupts their conversation.  

"It's about time you make it, Power Granter,"  Flower folded her arms.    "Yes, sorry. I had some business to attend to it on the first level," Jake smiled.   

"How are  the first years managing?"  

"You want to know how Ruby White is doing, don't you? She's doing fine,sir.  Would you like me to call a meeting with her?"  

“No.. no..  We'll wait for Collin to come back before that happens.”'

"Yes, sir.  

“Power Granter?”   

"Yes, Miss Advisor?"  

“Would you like to join me for lunch today? Tiger can't because he'll be busy.

"Hey! I will not be busy. Just for that, I'm joining you two for lunch, and annoying you in every way I can."  

Flower smiled.  Tiger's heart skipped a beat.  


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