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Jewel Power

Amethyst Brad and I sat in the waiting room of the HR office.   Brad's legs were shaking. I hated to admit it, but I was nervous, too.  What if they didn't take this seriously and if they didn't, what would I do then?  

"Miss White?" A pretty blonde woman called to me.   She held open the door for us.     "How can I help you?"  

"I believe Mr. English has something to tell you," I spoke nervously.    After hearing Brad's story, she gave him forms to sign and told him to come back tomorrow.    

“I can't believe we had to fill out forms,” Amethyst sighed.  

"That's the way the corporate world works, Advisor," I smiled sadly.   

“I'm truly sorry about this,” Brad apologized.

"Hey, who is this teacher bullying you?" I asked.  

Brad pointed to the door,    “Mr.  Coins is the one bullying you?”

Brad nodded his head.  

I knocked on the door furiously.    "Ah... Ruby White, I presume? I was wondering when you'd be knocking at my door."  

“Pardon me?”

"You see, Brad here... tends to lie.   

"Is that true, Mr. English?" Amethyst asked patiently.  

"No! I am telling the truth.   

“You have no proof of anything,” Mr. Coins smiled.  

"He doesn't, but I do."  I heard my sister's voice say.  I spun around.     

"I took the liberty of recording while you were verbally abusing him. You insulted him.  Is that any way for a teacher to treat their students, Mr. Coins?"  

Belinda and Clover came rushing over to us.    “What in the magic world is going on here?  Someone better tell me now!” Belinda demanded.

“Your new teacher has been harassing and bullying your students.  I have the proof,” Gemma explained.  

“Stay here while I deal with Mr, Coins,”

“Do you think we're in trouble?” I asked.

"Even if we are, we can sleep better knowing we did the right thing," Amethyst tried to reassure me. 

After a few moments, Belinda asked all of us to take a seat.    "Miss Ruby White and Miss Stone, I'm quite impressed.  You handled the situation correctly by going to HR.  As for you, Gemma, we have rules against recording someone without their consent, but since you were trying to prove something and helping your sister and friend, then I'll let it go.    

"Thank you, Miss Mays."  

"Now, go meet me in the cafeteria. "  

Belinda cleared her throat.   "Can I get everyone's attention, please.   When I call your name, please stand up.  Amethyst Stone, Gemma White, Jasper Blackburn, and Ruby White.  Let's all give them a round of applause.  They have proven they have what it takes to be staff here, but the games aren't over just yet.   

The final phase.  That phase will include rescuing someone. Now eat up and get lots of rest, because you have a big day ahead of you tomorrow!"   

Jasper sat across from me.   “Sounds like you had quite the adventure.  They sent me off to be a dorm guard. I didn't even know those existed.”

"They didn't before, but with henchmen trying to get in, we thought it would be best to try for guards," Kent explained,.  

I jumped.   "Jeez, at least warn someone you're there first.  What are you doing here, anyway?"  

“Grim sent me to congratulate you and your team. Don't give me that look.  You've seen the way my brother is.”

"Yeah, yeah."  

“Oh here. These are for you,” Kent handed Ruby flowers.    “One of your friends sent them to you.   I should get going to my family now.  

“We need to find him a girlfriend,” Jasper said.

“I heard that!” Kent yelled back.

Amethyst Gemma and I all laughed.   "Actually, I don't think that'll be so bad. Let's make a deal to do that after we finish the final phase, yeah?"  


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